Why you should save for a new flight deal this summer

Airlines have always struggled to find deals in the summer months, as they struggle to find passengers for big business.

Now, however, airlines are starting to find ways to get the summer season off to a flying start.

But they may not be the only ones.

In a report out Tuesday, Travel Industry Journal found that airlines have found ways to keep customers onboard for the rest of the summer.

“With the season getting underway, airlines can leverage their own travel programs to keep their loyal customers onboard during peak travel periods,” the study says.

Some airlines have offered discounts or reduced fares to their frequent-flier programs for the summer, but most offer the same discounts to their other fares.

Airlines have also offered discounts on tickets and upgrades for passengers who want to fly in the fall and winter.

But the full summer season is also coming into focus, and that means many of the airlines are looking to save as much as they can during the summer period.

For example, American Airlines is offering discounts on most summer flights, but not all of them.

American Airlines, the parent company of United, Alaska Airlines and American, is also offering discounted fares to its frequent-flyer programs, but only on the following dates: August 6 through October 15.

American says it will keep those dates for its first-class passengers, but it will also continue to offer them for its business customers.

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The airlines said they are keeping all of their fares for the same dates as their regular season fares, but will reduce the fares for frequent-flying business and first-come, first-served customers.

They are offering a discount of up to 35 percent on all first- and business-class and first class Economy fares, on average, to customers who buy tickets for at least six months in advance.

For business customers, American says the offer is 40 percent off for a six-month period and 75 percent off a six or more-month span.

For frequent-flier business customers who book through the airline’s app, the offer drops to 25 percent off the first- or business-fare level for six months.

And for business customers with multiple frequent-fee destinations, American is offering a 25 percent discount on its Business class fares for six or less months.

The deals may seem like a great deal for frequent flyers, but the airline is also keeping their customers onboard by offering discounts of up, 25 and 75 cents per mile, respectively.

But airlines aren’t just offering discounts for their business and frequent-fare customers.

Other airlines are offering discounts to non-business customers as well.

For those who book on a first-name basis, American has lowered the first-, business-, and premium-class fares for customers who sign up through its app for two months or less.

For some frequent flyers who have a family member who is a business or frequent-freight passenger, American also is lowering the fare by 25 percent on some first-tier flights.

Airlines are also offering discounts, sometimes for the first time, to frequent flyers with kids under 16, with a 50 percent discount for children under 18, a 30 percent discount to adults between the ages of 50 and 64, and a 15 percent discount if a child is under the age of 21.