Why is it hard to find the beer flight in Dallas?

The National Beer Flight Association says the state of Texas has more beer flights than it can handle, and its president says the agency needs to increase its staff.NBFAA President and CEO Joe Mancuso spoke with CNN about how beer flight numbers are down across the country, what he says are the challenges, and the next steps.

You know, the first thing I think about is the beer flights have been really down since I’ve been here, and that’s really hard to understand.

I mean, there’s so many breweries that are out there that are just not serving beer anymore, and we know that the people who are doing those are just really passionate about this craft beer movement.

And so, what I’m looking for is more people.

And so, I’m also really looking to hire more staff to keep that up, and I’m trying to recruit people that are really passionate.

So, it’s definitely tough.

And we just started in August, and there’s been a little bit of a dip, but the numbers have been up, so I think it’s still up there.

And I also think we need to take a more holistic approach, because we’re not just trying to do a quick beer flight or two flights.

And the thing is, we’re really focusing on getting the craft beer scene growing in Texas, and then we have to make sure that we are creating jobs and we are making sure that the beer community and the beer drinkers are getting jobs here.

So yeah, we do need more people, but I think that we have a good base.

We have a great support network, and a great beer community.

So I think we have the base, and so we need more.

So what I think the next step is, I think what I want to do is take a really, really hard look at what’s going on across the nation, and how do we really make sure we’re doing everything that we can to grow that, and to bring more people into the process and to be better equipped to handle that.

And that’s what I have been trying to work on.

I think this past year, I have started to do that.

I think the thing that I’ve noticed, and it’s a really simple observation, is that there are a lot of breweries that have really just become a little too small and just not really giving their best effort.

And I think part of that is the lack of staffing, and part of it is because the craft breweries are getting bigger.

And they have bigger and bigger staffs.

So they’re able to hire the people that they need, and they’re also able to provide the best beer experience for the people.

And we have that staff, we have this great support system, and people come to us, they go back and forth with us, and hopefully we make it to a point where we are able to do everything that I mentioned.

And that’s my hope, that we’re going to get to a position where we have great staffing, great support, and good beer.

And when I say that, that’s why I have to be so proud to have so many people that want to be here, that want the beer experience.

And you know, so we’re working on that.

We’re working really hard, and you know I think, for instance, in Denver, we started last summer, and when we started, we did have about two flights per month.

Now, we are in the ballpark of about five flights a month.

And right now, we just opened up to about one flight a month, so that’s a lot more.

So that’s going to keep growing, and as long as we keep doing that, then we’re happy to continue to do it.

And again, we’ve been talking to our partners, and our beer industry partners, to get them excited about doing this.

And hopefully, we can continue to grow.

So I think there are definitely challenges.

But there are some really positive things that are happening across the industry, and if we can keep pushing hard and make sure our system is working the right way, then it’s going for sure to continue.

And then I’m just hoping that we get more and more people involved, because I think ultimately, the beer is going to take care of itself.

It’s going be up to the breweries, but ultimately, it will be up the people and the breweries.