Which airline is cheap to fly to Canada?

Cheap flights to Canada are getting cheaper as more and more carriers offer cheaper options to Canadians.

While Canada has long been a relatively low cost carrier, the country’s carriers have seen a big drop in the cost of flying, according to a new study by travel agency FlyerHub. 

FlyerHub conducted a survey of nearly 30,000 US flyers and found that the cheapest flights to the United States have dropped by almost 40% in the past year, with most airlines seeing a 25% decrease.

Flyerhub surveyed all of the largest US carriers, including Southwest, American, Delta, Southwest and American Express, and found they were among the most affordable carriers. 

In the US, a new carrier named Virgin Atlantic is offering low-cost flights to Vancouver, B.C. for a starting price of $200, which would be a 50% savings from a year ago. 

British Airways is offering flights to San Francisco for a price of just under $1,100, which is a 40% discount from the last time Virgin Atlantic offered flights to that city. 

Southwest Airlines is offering a price reduction of more than $200 from the previous year’s rate, and JetBlue is offering cheaper flights to Dallas and Tampa, Fla. 

And American Airlines is lowering its prices on some of its smaller routes in the US.

American has lowered the price of its flights from $2,500 to $1 (with a $300 surcharge) on its routes to Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, DC, according, FlyerHQ.

The price is less than half the cost it was five years ago.