What’s happening to American Flight 849?

The last American to land in the United States was Flight 848 in October 1975, but American Airlines has been stuck at San Francisco International Airport since that date.

There are three flights to the US every day, and the airline is struggling to keep up with demand, according to American Airlines spokeswoman Erin Mays.

“The number of passengers arriving at San Diego International Airport is steadily increasing each day,” Mays said in a statement.

“With a population of over 4 million, we believe it is time to expand our offerings to accommodate additional guests.”

The company has launched a new website to help customers plan their trip.

American Airlines’ website is showing a surge in demand for flights to and from the US.

The airline has said it expects to add up to 1,200 more flights in the next few months, and it plans to add more than 1,000 flights each week for the next several years.