What you need to know about Jet Blue flights to Germany

The Jet Blue flight to Frankfurt on March 6 was delayed due to bad weather.

A statement from the airline said, “We are currently making arrangements to fly the next flight in the Frankfurt-Bonn flight.

JetBlue has confirmed that the flight will not take place.”

According to CNN, the airline is making an attempt to reschedule the flight.

There are no details yet on when the next plane to Frankfurt will be taking off, but if there’s a delay, the flight could be cancelled.

Jet Blue’s flight from Frankfurt to Frankfurt-Frankfurt will leave on Sunday at 12:04 p.m. and arrive at Frankfurt-Graz in the afternoon.

The Frankfurt-Berlin flight will arrive in the morning, Frankfurt Airport spokesperson Peter Hofer told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

The German-American airport has been hit by a severe winter storm this week, with temperatures plummeting to minus-18C (minus-18F).

The storm caused significant delays at the Frankfurt airport, where people are now queuing up to be picked up.

It also prompted German authorities to issue an alert for travelers who might be stranded on the airport’s runway.

There’s no word on when Jet Blue will be able to resume flights to Frankfurt, although Hofer said the airline expects to have the flight in Frankfurt in the evening.

The Jet Black flight from Los Angeles to Chicago has been rescheduled, according to a flight advisory posted on JetBlue’s website.

The flight will take off at 6:30 p.l. on March 9, and will land in Chicago at 11:55 p.d.

The Chicago-Chicago flight will leave Chicago’s O’Hare Airport at 7:00 p.p.m., and will arrive at O’hare at 7 p.s.m, according the advisory.

If you plan on getting to Chicago by air, JetBlue recommends checking with your airline for the latest flights.

If this flight does not get scheduled, you can check the flight status on the JetBlue website.