What you need to know about flights to Peru

In the wake of the Paris attacks, it’s been difficult for travel operators to find places to put passengers and crew during the pandemic.

But now a new service that aims to fill the gap is popping up in Peruvian airports.

Flights from Mexico to Lima are booked through Flights fromMexico to Lima.com and, according to the website, it takes just minutes to book your flight.

The site is managed by Peru Airlines, which is owned by Mexico’s state-owned airline.

Flights are booked on behalf of the company, and Flights to Lima is a direct competitor to Fly-Mexico, which offers a similar service for Mexican passengers, but offers cheaper fares.

Peru Airlines also has a direct connection to Peruvian airlines. 

“In the case of the [Peru] connection, we are a company that flies to Perú from the United States,” the website reads.

“This is why we have an international connection to the Peruvian flight network.”

The website has a “Find Peru” button for booking flights to Lima from your phone, and you can also use the “Find Lima” search tool.

Flights in Peru cost $5 per person, or $10 per child.

Flies from Mexico cost $30 per person or $50 per child, according a Peruvian travel website.