What you need to know about flights from Houston to U.S.

There are a few flights out of Houston on the US Eastern Seaboard that will not take off until the end of April.

They are: Aero Jet Express flight from Houston International Airport to San Francisco, which is the third leg of the journey that will take around four hours and costs $3,000.

And Flight 572 from San Francisco to Orlando, which will take five hours.

Flight 522 from San Fran to Seattle, which was the third flight that will cost $4,300.

The only one of these flights that is scheduled to leave until the start of May is Flight 526 from San Jose, which flies out of San Francisco at 5:30am and takes around six hours.

“We’ve been able to get the flights we’re wanting,” says Chris Glynn, an airline industry consultant based in Houston.

“It’s a very good news story for the airlines.”

Glynn says the flights are being delayed by the weather in the area.

“There is a lot of snow on the ground,” he says.

“In the forecast we are seeing some low pressure systems.”

Airlines were forced to put in more flights in recent days because of the storms.

“People have been very patient with us,” says Ryan Kelly, an aircraft carrier spokesman in Houston, “and we’ve been making the most of it.”

Airlines are planning to make another round of flights this weekend, to make up for lost time.

The airlines say they are working on making more flights, but are struggling to do so because of poor weather.

“For the most part we’ve done quite well so far,” says Glynn.

“But we’re still not quite there.” 

Glynn says he is confident the airlines can make the next round of business flights to take advantage of the weather.

But there are still some major challenges ahead. 

The airlines are planning for the storm to continue until late April. 

“Our customers want to go and enjoy the weather,” Kelly says. 

In the meantime, Glynn is still working with airlines and other airlines to try and make sure they can get their flights in before the storm comes through.

Airlines and airlines in the Gulf region are working together to try to make sure flights get to customers as soon as possible.

Kelly says the airlines have been working on an emergency schedule that would allow planes to get to Houston and Orlando within 48 hours of the storm.

“So you can fly out the door with a scheduled flight,” Kelly said.

“If it’s a one-way trip, then we can get it in and get you home.

That’s what we’re trying to do.” 

Kelly says the airports have already been working together on an alternate schedule that allows planes to be in Houston for up to 24 hours after the storm has passed.

“This is the kind of thing we’ve always tried to do,” Kelly explained.

“When we get the storm moving, we’re going to be making sure that we have the most efficient way of getting our flights in.” 

(This story was updated at 6:45pm to correct that Flight 542 was scheduled to depart from San Antonio International Airport in Texas.)