US Airways and Alaska Airlines to Offer Free Jet Tickets to Africa

A pair of US Airways flights to Kenya will soon be free. 

Airline officials said Thursday that it is now possible to book flights to the West African country of Tanzania, and flights to Burundi and Rwanda. 

“The free flights to Tanzania and Rwanda are now available to U.S. travelers,” said spokesman Eric D. Johnson in a statement. 

In late December, Delta Air Lines began offering flights to Uganda and Tanzania from its hub in Atlanta. 

The airline said the flights would be free of charge on the dates and times stated on the itinerary. 

Delta has been criticized by human rights groups for not doing enough to protect travelers from abusive agents. 

Alaska Airlines has also said it is open to offering travel to Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. 

Last year, the company announced that it would be offering flights in 2019. 

For now, flights to and from Kenya and Tanzania are only available through Delta, and Delta does not have a service in Burundia, which is considered a “low-priority” destination.