How to cancel flights to FLORIDA

The best flight cancellation rate for Florida in the U.S. is 7.5%, according to a new report.

The report, which was compiled by FlightAware, a travel and travel-related analytics service, said Florida was the top destination for domestic flights to the state in 2018.

The chart below shows the top destinations in the country for domestic flight arrivals and departures from October through December 2018.

Florida is the state with the highest domestic flight numbers, with 2,200 arrivals and 5,200 departures.

The top destinations for domestic arrivals and departing flights from October 2018 through December 2019:Airlines are also trying to keep up with demand for flights, with airlines including Delta Air Lines Inc. ddfd -0.05% Delta Air Resorts International Inc. DTX -0,4% and Southwest Airlines Inc. SLX +0.00% both reporting record domestic arrivals in January 2019.