Which flights will be canceled at JetBlue, Delta, American and American Airlines this week?

The three largest U.S. carriers have announced that all of their flights from New York to New Jersey, including all flights from the Middle East, will be affected by the virus.

The U.K. carrier Virgin Atlantic said it is suspending all flights to and from Dubai and all flights in and out of the Persian Gulf.

The American airline United Airlines is canceling all flights out of Los Angeles and New York.

American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic say they are canceling flights to Dubai and outbound flights from Dubai to Los Angeles on Monday.

Delta is suspending flights to New York, New Jersey and other U.C.L.A. cities from New Jersey to Los Vegas on Monday, while American Airlines and British Airways are suspending all flight routes between New York and Los Angeles.

The U.N. says it is urging all countries affected by Ebola to suspend flights.

The agency has also called on the U.A.-owned carriers to reduce their travel by 50% on Monday as they have not yet been fully disinfected and are concerned about the virus spreading.