Nike flight status update: Port Canaveral is on the mend

Nike Flight status update – Port Canaveral was on the ground and in the air yesterday, the company announced.

The first of four scheduled flights by the Nike Fly 8, which is the first to be powered by the company’s latest jet engine, had departed from Port Canaveral yesterday morning, according to a Nike spokesman.

The flight was part of Nike’s 10th anniversary launch.

Nike also said it would fly to Los Angeles on Sunday and to Honolulu on Monday.

The company also plans to fly to Sydney, Australia, on the third and final day of the year, and then to Dubai on the first day of February.

The Nike Fly8 will be powered on a 6-cylinder, 7,000-horsepower V6 engine that has been designed to be fuel-efficient at sea level.

The Fly8 is the third Nike flight to fly under the Nike Air Force One banner, following the Air Force 4 and Air Force 3.