Lax security in Mexico, Brazil, China, South Korea, Australia

Lax, sometimes non-existent, security checks in China, Brazil and South Korea have kept travellers safe and airlines from disrupting operations, according to the International Air Transport Association.

The group said airlines in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, the Philippines, South Asia and Australia were all operating with minimal security precautions.

The IATA said that in China and South Africa passenger security measures were “adequate”, while the security of the planes at Brazil’s Sao Paulo airport were “very good”.

The airline industry is also working to improve security for the more than 60 million passengers flying each year in those countries.

But the security concerns are far from new, according in part to the IATA.

In 2011, the organisation warned that passenger safety and security at major airports were deteriorating, with the use of mobile phone tracking technology in many countries.

“We’ve had a number of recent security incidents, including the recent hijacking of a commercial airliner that resulted in a loss of life, and we’ve seen increasing use of ’emergency measures’ by governments, airports, airlines and travellers,” the organisation said in a report published in November.

“In some instances, such as the recent incident involving a hijacked flight, these measures have resulted in the loss of lives.”

The IATA also warned of an “increased incidence of self-radicalisation and terrorism”.

It noted that in 2015, there were nearly 9,000 deaths linked to terrorism in the world, including in Australia.