Kiwi flight 19: New Zealanders take flight to Auckland

New Zealand’s national team is heading to Auckland for a crucial game on Thursday night against the All Blacks.

The Kiwis are on the road for their first match of the new season, as the All Black team travels to Christchurch to face the Waratahs.

New Zealand are the only nation to have a match scheduled for Auckland, but they will be in Wellington for the first time this season.

The team will take on the Warats in Wellington’s Auckland Stadium on Thursday at 8:00 p.m.

The game will be broadcast live on the NRL Live app and on ABC TV and Radio.

The Waratah will have a game against the Warriors on Saturday at 8 p.e.m., and then the Warangal Sea Eagles will host the Warrington Wolves on Saturday night.

Both teams are scheduled to play at 8 a.m..

The New Zealand team’s flight home will be from Auckland to Wellington.

The All Blacks will travel to Christsell on Friday and then travel to New Zealand for a three-match tour.

They will play the Warriors, Waratats and Crusaders on Saturday.

All three matches are on ABC.