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JetBlue is stepping up its marketing campaign aimed at driving the number of people to and from Chicago to its airport by targeting flights to the Midwest and Central.

The airline’s new “Get Flyer” campaign features advertisements on its websites and social media that encourage people to “Get the Flyer!”

The campaign, which will be launched this week, features a new photo that shows two young men in the background, with their arms crossed.

One of them is smiling, while the other is looking away.

In the background of the photo is a banner reading, “Get your plane.

Get Flyer.”

The posters also feature a flyer for a “Flyer to Chicago” campaign that will run in the coming weeks, which is intended to drive more people to Chicago.

The flyers in the campaign are for JetBlue flights that take off from Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.

They also include an advertisement that urges people to book JetBlue tickets in advance to avoid paying for them.

“We are continuing to improve our marketing efforts for Chicago and are committed to bringing you the best deals on our flights, including Chicago flights,” said JetBlue spokeswoman Stephanie Kincaid in an email to The Hill.

She said the company will release more details about the campaign later this week.

The company also recently launched a website that includes an interactive map that shows where the majority of JetBlue’s flights are taking off from.

The site includes an infographic that shows flights departing and arriving in Chicago from the airport.

The website also includes JetBlue and other carriers’ flights to Chicago that are currently available.