How to fly to Brazil from Los Angeles on a budget

If you’ve ever flown to Brazil on a private jet, you’re probably familiar with the prices.

But what if you want to fly on a charter?

Well, there’s a new charter service that’s starting to offer you a better deal.

Air Brazil, the company that makes the flights, launched a new service called AirBrazil Express, which will be available to charter companies this weekend.

It’s a service that includes more than just a flight and a hotel room.

The airline has also announced a free night in Rio de Janeiro with the booking.

You can book through their website for $50.

And the price drops to $50 per person for two people on a first-class ticket.

The company says it’s offering the services to “experienced charter pilots, seasoned pilots and airline professionals.”

The company says AirBrazil is a new way to travel to Brazil and offers a much better rate than charter flights.

The flights start at $2,000 and will cost $2 per person to book, which means you’ll save about $500.

For the next couple weeks, the airline will offer flights for $2.50 each way and the cheapest price to book for two will be $150.

That price drops significantly to $120 per person on flights booked through AirBrazil’s website.

It also allows the booking to be made in two business days, which is a great deal for people who don’t want to wait in line to get into a airport.

The company also offers a two-day tour of the cities of Sao Paulo, Rio de Paula and Rio de Luz.

The tour includes tours of the Olympic Park, the Guanabara Bay, the Amazon and the Rio Grande.

For a total of five days, the tour costs $6,700.

The cost per person will be reduced to $4,800 for the first three days and then $1,900 for the rest of the tour.

This tour includes the cost of the two-night stay in Rio.

AirBrazil is launching the service to allow companies to make travel choices and offer a better option.

There’s no word yet on how many people will be able to book this trip.