How to fly a plane with a plane ticket? This is what it takes

By Michael GrunwaldReutersReuters The Federal Aviation Administration on Wednesday announced a rule that will force airlines to provide pilots with plane tickets within a week of booking.

The rule applies to flights on United, Spirit and Delta Air Lines.

It also applies to JetBlue Airways, which operates the AirTran Airways service and is part of the United group.

United Airlines already offers plane tickets to its pilots for as little as $100 per flight.

Delta Airlines says pilots are already required to have their own plane tickets.

JetBlue said in a statement that it’s pleased with the FAA’s decision, adding that it welcomes the new rules to allow pilots to access their own tickets and travel to destinations around the world.

“We look forward to piloting the next flights that take off on Delta Airlines’ new 737-800 aircraft in the coming weeks,” JetBlue said.

Delta, which has about 4,500 pilots, said in December that it would no longer sell plane tickets for its pilots to a flight service provider.

The airline said it has about 100,000 pilots, many of whom have been flying for years, and that they’re used to flying planes.