How to be a unicorn: The best ways to be on a unicorn journey

United Airlines is going to need a new CEO to make the next big move in the company’s turnaround.

The airline is still reeling from a series of failures in the years after it was bought by private equity group Cerberus Capital Partners, including a catastrophic glitch in its reservation system that cost nearly 200,000 people their lives.

That glitch was revealed in a video leaked by Anonymous, which prompted a series that brought the public’s attention to the problems and raised concerns about the safety of the company.

United has struggled for years, even as it has increased revenue and become a destination for travelers to see the sights of the world.

Its share price has been under pressure in recent weeks.

In a new interview with Recode, United CEO Oscar Munoz says he expects to hire a new chief executive by the end of the year, and that the company is looking for a leader with a deep understanding of the industry and a clear vision for its future.

But Munoz, who has also said he will leave the company at the end