How the GOP could take advantage of the Trump trainwreck

The GOP is going to need to figure out a way to win this election.

And the first step is finding a way that Trump supporters will tune in and pay attention.

That’s the message of a new poll from YouGov that found the GOP would do better if it could appeal to a broad swath of Americans who don’t identify with the party.

The survey found that the vast majority of Trump voters — 93 percent — want the party to “do more to protect the middle class.”

That’s a pretty big majority, if it includes even the white working class that is Trump’s biggest target.

The poll found that 72 percent of Trump supporters say they’re “very or somewhat concerned” about the economic climate and that their views are “fairly stable or somewhat changing.”

That includes 87 percent of those who voted for Trump but also support the president.

It also includes 85 percent of voters who voted against Trump, but also back the president’s agenda.

And it includes 81 percent of Republican voters who say they think Trump is “a very, very good person.”

The survey also found that 63 percent of Republicans say the president is “not honest and trustworthy” and 56 percent believe he’s “not a good leader.”

Those numbers are starkly different from Trump’s base, which is about equally split between those who say he’s honest and truthful and those who think he’s a “bad leader.”

The poll also found 64 percent of GOP voters believe that Trump has “been unfairly treated in the past” and 57 percent think he has “not been truthful or transparent.”

The problem is that the Trump voters who don of support Trump have very little faith in his ability to “handle the economy,” which is what the pollsters are tracking.

Trump voters say that’s the most important issue facing the country and the one they’re most concerned about.

That includes a majority of voters — 58 percent — who say the economy will continue to be the “biggest threat” to the country in the next year or two.

The Republican Party is now in danger of losing a lot of the support of Trump’s supporters.

It’s also in danger to lose a lot more of those voters to Democrats.

It was already clear that the president had a tough road ahead of him in winning the election, but now that his agenda is being challenged by the public, it’s clear that his support among the base of the GOP is not as strong as it was.

The problem for the GOP right now is that its message will be a little bit different from that of other candidates.

Trump won the presidency by saying, “Make America Great Again.”

It’s a phrase that resonates with voters, but it also resonates the president himself.

And if Republicans want to do something different, they’re going to have to figure a way of making sure they do not alienate Trump voters.

But they’re also going to be working hard to reach out to those who are frustrated by the economy and are concerned about how Trump’s policies are affecting them.

“The American people want a government that represents them, not someone else’s,” said former House Speaker John Boehner.

He’s right.