Beer flight to the west Belfast airport

Dublin Airport is to launch a beer flight from Dublin to the western Irish city of Kinsale on Wednesday evening, following a request from the Republic of Ireland’s first beer-drinking state.

The first Irish beer flight is scheduled for 11pm, when passengers will board the Aer Lingus Boeing 737 to the airport’s western end.

“The Dublin-Kinsale beer flight will take place from Dublin Airport to Kinsales’ airport at 8pm on Wednesday, September 26,” a spokesman for the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) said.

This will be the first Irish-made beer flight to Ireland and the first to be made by Aer Lingox since its arrival in Kinsola in 2013.

The route will be a four-hour round trip with stops in the city of Leitrim, the city’s northern suburbs, and the city centre.

IATA says it has been in talks with the Irish government for two years about the future of the Dublin-Ireland beer flight, which is a joint venture between Aer Lingvans Irish company and the Irish Government.

A spokeswoman for the IAAF said the airline has been asked to offer its services to the Irish Airline Pilots Association (IAPA) on the request of the Government, but that the IAPA has not yet made any formal proposal.

She said the IATA had been working with Aer Lingva since last year to help secure funding for the service.

There have been calls to cancel the flight as it is the first time the Irish State has offered a beer service to a foreign state, although the IAA has previously stated it would not cancel flights to a host country.

Dublin Airport is the biggest city in Northern Ireland and has a population of around 30,000 people.